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About Us

Aluminium Windows and Doors

At IKON Aluminium, our top quality service begins with the fact that we treat each project as if it’s our own. From the initial relationship that is developed with the client, all the way through to the installation of the final product, each step of the process is treated with the highest level of professionalism and precision.


PG Aluminium

Our love for architectural aluminium products began in 2011 when we joined the PG Aluminium group. It wasn’t long until we became a leader in the industry and began working on projects of larger scale. However, as the years went by, we realised that in order to continue exceeding expectations, we needed to create our own brand with its own identity. We ultimately decided to part ways with the PG Aluminium group and created IKON Aluminium.

Our commitment to high quality products and services is guaranteed to improve under the IKON Aluminum brand.


IKON Aluminium fabricates and operates from a 2100m2 facility in Apex, Benoni. All aluminium and glass products are custom made to the highest standard using the latest technology and equipment that is imported from Italy and Germany.

At IKON Aluminium, our ultimate goal is to provide the perfect finish to your home. As a result, we have multiple teams who are expertly trained in ensuring the seamless execution of any project, regardless of its size.