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Why should you choose double glazed windows over single glazed windows?

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February 5, 2019

Making your home energy efficient is key to reducing utility costs and increasing comfort in the home. When it comes to choosing energy efficient materials, it’s imperative to choose the most effective window glass. Options include both single and double glazed windows, but we suggest the latter for a vast number of reasons. Firstly, let’s begin with clearly outlining the difference between the two products.

Single glazed windows are constructed using a single pane of glass, which means that the only thing separating your home from the outside is one pane of glass. Single glass panes don’t provide adequate insulation and can be up to 20 times less efficient than an insulated wall when it comes to energy loss or storage.

Double glazed windows are constructed using two glass panes that are separated by a vacuum layer, acting as an insulation barrier. Although the glass is similar to that of the single glazed window, it can be laminated or UV tinted to help improve energy efficiency.

Benefits of double glazing

The biggest benefit of double glazed windows is the increase in thermal efficiency. Thermal efficiency means that the temperature inside your home is easier to maintain, especially for houses with air conditioners or central climate control systems.

Imagine you are using your indoor unit to heat a room- if you do not have double glazed windows, the warmth will easily be lost. This will result in an overworked indoor system that is unable to maintain a comfortable room temperature.

Disadvantages of double-glazing

Double-glazing insulates heat in the home, meaning that heat is stored during hot summer months. In such cases, necessary steps should be taken to lessen the amount of sun that enters the home, which is done by applying special coatings to the double glazing during the manufacturing process. This is extremely effective as it is able to block up to 66% of UV radiation.

Although double glazed windows are initially higher in cost, they will help reduce energy costs significantly over the long run.

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