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Powder Coating

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Imagine choosing the most amazing aluminium sliding doors for your beautiful dream home, to get home one afternoon, and notice a chip.  The chip soon gets bigger and before long the powder coating is peeling.  You don’t know where to turn, and suddenly you are questioning whether the person who supplied it, used the correct method and the best product?

We at IKON aluminium, are often faced with clients like the above scenario.  This blog is to give you a bit more information on powder coating, the myths and the solution to the problem.

5 Myths around Powder Coating

  • Powder coating is so strong and durable, it cannot chip or peel.
  • Powder coating is applied onto same materials as wet paint.
  • Powder coating is great for applying over imperfections.
  • Powder coating has a faster dry and curing time than liquid paint.
  • Powder coating prevents rust and corrosion.


What is powder coat?

Powder coat is a type of finish applied to metal parts, like aluminium, to create a cosmetic and durable coating.  Powder coat is applied as a dry powder using electrostatic which eliminates the need for a solvent.  The end result is similar to liquid paint, but is more durable.


How does powder coat work?

Once the aluminium has been prepared for application, the powder is most commonly applied by using an electrostatic gun.  The positive charge created to the powder, helps the powder to adhere to the aluminium.  Once applied, it is cured in an oven.  The powder melts down and creates a film when it is exposed to high temperatures.


Powder coating at IKON

We offer the standard powder coating, offering the best product and highest level of care when the application is done.  To add more value and a longer lifespan to your product, IKON has partnered with QUALICOAT to bring you a more durable powder coating which has a 15-20-year warranty against peeling and chipping.  This may appear like a larger layout at the beginning, but as the saying goes, buy them cheap, watch them weep.


For more information or to request QUALICOAT to be added to your product, contact IKON Aluminium on

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