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Ikonic Innovation – Keeping you secure

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May 30, 2019
We live in a society where safety and security are paramount. With the high level of violent crime and home invasions in South Africa, Ikon Aluminium has made it our mission to bring you security measure that will not take away from the aesthetic of your home.


Meet our new multi-point locking system. These will be available for both sliding and stacking aluminum doors as well as windows. The multi-point locking system protects any intrusion with high-quality primary and lateral locks.
These locks add protection against excessive noise and energy wastage as the additional locking points keep the door and window tight against its seal.


Benefits of the multi-point locking system
•    Effortless operation
•    Smooth- action deadbolts
•    Closed lock case
•    Available for a wide range of door and window situations


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