Superior Sliding Doors are top of the range sliding doors that are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of high-end homes. These doors are constructed from heavier and more robust aluminum profiles and are 100% resistant.

These doors consist of multiple combinations of fixed or sliding panels and can either have sidelights or top lights. With the choice of aluminium louvre too, all these elements make Superior Sliding doors the ideal choice for up market homes.

Superior Sliding doors are highly versatile as they have the ability to slide to either side. These doors normally have more than 2-3 panels, which ultimately means that they can slide across an area of 10 metres. When opened, up to 4 panels can take up the total space of 1 panel, allowing for any space to be opened up effortlessly.

The Superior Sliding door allows architects to design large panel doors that conform to structural requirements without compromising on design. With large panels weighing nearly 200kg, our heavy duty nylon rollers create an effortless glide when operating the doors.


Aluminium Sliding/Folding Doors consist of multiple panels, which slide and stack neatly to one or two sides. This allows for a seamless transition between inside and outside entertainment areas.

Sliding/Folding doors are made from robust aluminium profiles, ensuring rigidity and strength. In addition, only the finest stainless steel and nylon rollers are used to ensure that the door glides easily into position.


Aluminium French Doors are the most standard aluminium door type. These doors are hinged onto the doorjamb and can either open inwards or outwards. Our Aluminium French Doors are fitted with top quality hardware, ensuring easy maintenance and effortless operation.