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Water Escape Sill

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October 4, 2018
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March 28, 2019

Sporadic rainfall is a major cause of damp related damage within South African homes and other buildings. While many European and American countries have experienced the same issue, they’ve managed to remain a step ahead of the problem for quite some time now. It wasn’t until recently that we, at IKON Aluminium, introduced South Africa to its very first damp prevention product. After many years of working alongside some of the country’s top Engineers, we’ve officially developed a Water Escape Sill, the only one of its kind in South Africa.

The Water Escape Sill is a system that directs water away from the brickwork of a building, thereby preventing any possibility of damp. However, in order to appreciate the importance of the product, it’s necessary to understand why and how water enters the brickwork of a building. Some of the main causes are:

  • Gaps between window frames and walls that open as the building settles and moves
  • Over time, sealants gradually age and become less effective against weather conditions
  • Poor installation of windows and doors
  • No preventative measures taken in order to prevent water ingress. This includes waterproofing sills prior to installation

Unfortunately these issues aren’t an easy fix and the damage is often permanent. That being said, our advice is to install the Water Escape Sill from the start, as opposed to spending additional time and money fixing the damp later on.

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